AFRICA ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP COUNCIL seeks to impact the manner in which entrepreneurs engage with one another, as well as to create a truly global network through which meaningful collaboration can be fostered. In providing improved access to global markets, entrepreneurs will be better positioned to capitalize on possible opportunities. It is our firm belief that, with our support, these businesses will be better equipped to make the leap from local to global ensuring that essential funding can reach entrepreneurs even in rural and remote areas. As an organization, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges often faced by businesses when they seek to grow their footprint beyond their local economies. AELC will provide its members with the tools to circumvent these barriers to entry by creating platforms for development and collaboration.


Creating a sustainable networking link amongst. African entrepreneurs across the continent.


Through networking and collaboration on a global platform, our members will be afforded the opportunity to use available forums and resources to grow and solidify and solidify their respective businesses and, in doing so move beyond the local in pursuit of achieving a global presence 





Heinrich Hafeni Nghidipaya 

Co-founder & President

Mnr Hafeni, AELC's co-founder and President, is an accomplished businessmand with well over 12 years of expereince int the tourism industry. He maintains strong government and business ties in Namibia and has been recognised at the national level for his achievements. He was inducted into the Namibian Business Hall of Fame in 2015.

Heinrich brings a dynamic combination of skills and interests stemming not only from his entre-preneurial accomplishments, but also from his passion for intellectual leadership, particularly among youth leaders.  

Percy Morapedi Koji 

Co-founder & Vice President

Mr Koji, AELC’s co-founder and Vice President is an astute businessman in South Africa. He comes with more than 15 years’ experience in the tourism industry. While his education and professional accolades are both quite extensive, Percy has also shown his commitment and passion for uplifting his community and the youth. His 10 years’ government experience stood him in good stead to lead AELC and its his community and the youth. His 10 years’ government experience stood him in good stead to lead.